Charlie Lopresti & Wise Dan


Charlie Lopresti & Wise Dan

"You have to be certain about how you train, what you feed, and what kind of supplements you use. For me, since 2005, that's been an easy decision. I only use what works, and that is Platinum Performance. The horses love to eat it, and I like that it covers all the basic health needs of the horse."

Traditional Horsemanship & Modern Success

Charlie Lopresti and his wife, Amy, use traditional natural western horsemanship techniques to start their colts. They appreciate the ways of horseman like Tom Dorrance, and other horseman like him. Amy works with all the babies when they are young, and sometimes even after Charlie has had them in training, they let a horse down for a while and work on getting him supple again

What He Likes About Platinum Performance

Charlie likes the fact that everything his horses need is in one bucket. It's a big difference from how he used to supplement with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, trying to make sure he covered all the major points of the horse's health. Now, he gives a single supplement that is formulated to be complete. He knows they are all getting the right amount of each high quality nutrient, and the horses eat it right up. That's peace of mind.

Charlie's Formulas for Success

This athlete is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.