Lisa Lockhart

Barrel Racing

Lisa Lockhart

"Feeding a product like Platinum CJ is essential for my horses' athletic performance, their joints, digestive health, bones and tendons. I am a firm believer that I am providing my horses with everything they need. Their appearance is that of healthy horses, and they are also very happy horses."


Lisa has managed several injuries over the years with her horses to remain in contention for World Championships. In fact, she's qualified for 14 consecutive WNFRs, while also winning 2 Canadian Championships, and 2 titles at The American, all while amassing well over $2 million in earnings. She credits her routine, care, and nutrition program for her winning ways

Race for the World

She is consistently in the hunt for the World Title, and accomplished winning the Average at WNFR in 2014 and and 2016. She is on the road again with Louie, Rosa and Cutter , with the gold buckle on her mind. Her veterinarian, Dr. Terry Swanson, first told her about Platinum, and she's been using it ever since.