Lyle Lovett


Lyle Lovett

"After breeding horses for over 25 years, I understand how important proper nutrition is. That’s why I use Platinum Performance. It works at a cellular level, and that makes a lot of sense to me."

How Playing Music and Riding Horse are Alike

"Playing music and riding are actually quite similar, because so much of it is about feel. So much of a performance is about making adjustments, whether you're adjusting to the players in your band or to the audience. It's really all about "feel" and being there in the moment. That's something consistent and appealing about both riding and playing music. If I'm riding, there's no other place in the world that my mind goes at that moment. When I sing a song, it's that exact same feeling. I'm able to be right there on my horse or right there inside the song-and that's a great feeling. That's what makes riding and working with horses so appealing. It's never automatic. It's never about going out and going through the motions. It can be, if you're not open to the experience, but then you miss the best part. The underlying appeal of working with horses is that it really is a metaphor for our lives in a bigger sense. I think it's what draws us to horses in the first place. Anytime I get to go out to the barn and work with a horse, it reminds me of what's good in life. "

Lyle's Formulas for Success

This athlete is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.