Nicki Shahinian-Simpson


Nicki Shahinian-Simpson

"I started using Platinum in '96 when it first started and I've been a big supporter all along. I swear by it. It gives everything that the horse needs from their joints to their coats to everyday fitness in one bucket. It is easy to feed, and it just makes sense."

The Catch Riding Kid

Nicki earned this nickname for her knack as a junior to win classes on horses she had never ridden before. She is also one of only 11 riders to win both the ASPCA Maclay National Championship and the AHSA/Medal Championship, two of the United States' most prestigious titles for junior riders.

The Triplets

Currently Nicole Shahinian-Simpson is showing a trio of young horses that are all out of a mare (SRF Dragonfly) that she campaigned to the Olympic short list in 2008. Watch for Nicki and Akuna Mattata, April Moon and Abbey Road on the circuit.