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Platinum Performance® Equine
Supplement for All Classes of Horses

Un supplément pour toutes les classes de chevaux

Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness and Performance Formula is a comprehensive nutritional foundation formula for all horses.
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Price starting at US $ 80.00
Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA
Joint Support Formula with Hyaluronic Acid for Horses in Competition

Préparation de soutien articulaire à base d’acide hyaluronique pour les chevaux de compétition

Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA supports healthy joints and also helps maintain the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.
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Price starting at US $ 143.00
Platinum Balance™
A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Equine Digestive Health

Supplément probiotique quotidien pour maintenir la santé digestive

This daily probiotic formula provides both prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion and hindgut health. The prebiotics nourish the "good" bacteria in the gut, and support the digestion of fiber.
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Price starting at US $ 66.00

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This custom and flexible program allows you to choose the formulas that are right for your horse’s needs. You can easily pause, change or cancel your delivery at any time. We’ll send you a reminder email a week prior to your shipment for any needed adjustments. You’ll save time not having to reorder and save money on each delivery.

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Three New Formulas for Advanced Summer Support

Platinum Gastric Support
Helps Maintain Stomach and Hindgut Health
This formula is recommended to help maintain healthy gastric function and hindgut health in horses. Platinum Gastric Support helps support a healthy mucosal barrier and healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach. This formula is recommended for horses subject to external stressors such as transportation, training, environmental changes, including foals during weaning.
Platinum Poise
Supports Normal Nervous System Function
To support normal nervous system function and healthy neural activity.
Platinum Electrolyte Plus
Electrolyte and Trace Mineral Formula for Horses
To help maintain electrolyte and trace mineral balance during heavy exercise, shipping in hot weather or following periods of heavy sweating. Platinum Electrolyte Plus helps support hydration.

Client Success Stories

Kirby Penttila

CPRA Barrel Racer
Platinum Performance client since 2013

“I have been using Platinum Performance products on my competition horses since 2013. I have found these products work incredibly well for maintaining excellent condition in my barrel horses, allowing them to compete to their full potential in this rigorous and demanding sport. With the level of competition in Alberta, my horses must be feeling 100% to hit the leaderboard, and I truly feel that these products help them do so.”

Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine, Osteon®, Healthy Weight, Platinum Hoof Support

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Hawley Bennett-Awad

Olympic Silver Medalist, International 5* Event Rider
Platinum Performance client since 2014

“When it comes to Equine Nutrition, Platinum Performance Products help my horses look and feel their very best. With a line of products, each carefully manufactured and created by a skilled team of veterinarians, Platinum offers the perfect product for each horse in my program, from my top competition horses, to my retired four-star partner.”

Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Balance™, Platinum Hoof Support, Healthy Weight, Platinum Vitamin E

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Jesse Beckley

2021 NRHA Futurity Open L3 and L2 Champion
Platinum Performance client since 2019

“I have seen firsthand the difference between my horses and some of my fellow competitors that were already using Platinum. I felt like my horses just lacked that little extra bloom and shine at the end of the show season. Since I have started using Platinum products, I feel like they have helped me keep that slight edge, and it makes the difference between placing and winning.”

Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Balance, Healthy Weight

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