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Frank J. Milne State-of-The-Art Lecture

“Historical Perspectives in Equine Reproduction — Pioneers in the Age of Discovery”

Thursday, Nov. 30, 2:30 - 4:45 pm
Presented by Patrick M. McCue, DVM, PhD, DACT

Scientific Sessions

Sunday, Dec. 3: Theriogenology

8:00am   Equine Post-Fixation Unilateral Twins Can Be Reduced by Fetal Compression — Leonie Arnold
8:20am   Periovulatory Anticoagulant Therapy May Enhance Embryo Recovery Rates in Superovulated Mares: Preliminary Results — Lorenzo Segabinazzi
8:40am   Effects of Feeding Oils and Supportive Nutrients on Skeletal Muscle and Oocyte Metabolism in Old Mares — Giovana D. Catandi
9:00am   Non-Traditional (Emergency) Hormone Therapy Options for Embryo Transfer Recipient Mares — Brittany Middle-Brooks
9:20am   Gonadotropin and Testosterone Concentrations in Response to Deslorelin Acetate in Stallions — Igor Canisso
9:40am   Post-Breeding Antibiotic Infusion Does Not Improve First-Cycle Pregnancy Rates in Selected Healthy Thoroughbred Mares — Scott Bailey
10:00am   How to Discuss Transvaginal Aspiration with Clients: A Clinical Perspective — Ryan Ferris
10:20am   Use of Time Lapse Imaging as a Prediction of Pregnancy Potential of in vitro Produced Embryos — Soledad Martin-Pelaez
10:40am   Anti-Müllerian Hormone and Testosterone Levels Are Not Often Associated with Persistent Stallion-Like Behavior in Supposed Geldings — Kornelia Omyla

Please Join Us for Our Sunrise Session Friday, December 1

”New Research — Reproductive Results with Targeted Nutritional Intervention“

Friday, Dec. 1, 6:30-7:30 am - Room 29CD
Panel: Giovana D. Catandi, DVM, PhD, DACT; Ryan Ferris, DVM, MS, DACT; Ricci Karkula-Warnock, DVM, MS, cVMA

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A compelling series with leading veterinarians and researchers bringing pertinent topics to life.

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