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Platinum Performance® Equine

Supporting Every Aspect of Wellness & Performance

In addition to high-quality forage, all horses can benefit from supplementation. Our foundation formula provides ingredients that support every aspect of equine health, including ingredients for coat health, digestion, joints, hooves and much more. We also offer a full line of targeted support formulas if additional support is needed. For best results, all support formulas should be fed in combination with Platinum Performance® Equine.

Three Focus Areas to Support Optimal Equine Health

Supporting the Whole Horse

Platinum Performance® Equine is a comprehensive wellness formula that was designed to transform health at the cellular level by providing omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to support health from head to hoof.

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Total Body Wellness + Advanced Digestive Care

Platinum Performance® Equine fed in combination with Platinum Balance™ provides total body wellness support with a powerful combination of probiotics, prebiotics and glutamine to support healthy equine digestion and immunity.

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Total Body Wellness + Advanced Joint Care

For horses with advanced joint health needs, Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA fed in combination with Platinum Performance® Equine provides a powerful combination of joint- supporting ingredients to help maintain soundness.

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All The Ways Platinum Helps Your Horse










Skin & Coat

“I started using Platinum in ‘96 when the company was founded, and I’ve been a big supporter all along. I swear by it. It gives everything that the horse needs from their joints to their coats to everyday fitness in one bucket.”
— Nicki Shahinian-Simpson
International Grand Prix Rider & Platinum Client since 1996

Quality Means Results, and We Don’t Compromise on Quality.

We start with the very best ingredients, then test them and test them again. All Platinum formulas are made with ingredients that pass third-party testing.

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Safe For Sport

Platinum Performance® goes to great lengths to protect athletes, with raw ingredients and finished formulas being subjected to extensive testing for quality, potency and banned substances.

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We're Here To Help

Platinum Advisors can help you and find answers and resources for all of your questions. Platinum Advisors can make recommendations and help you design a supplement program that’s right for your horse.

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