Shipping & Transit for Equine Formulas

Directly From Our Canadian Warehouses

Two Warehouse Locations in Canada

Getting the nutritional support your horse needs, when he needs it, is important to us. That's why under normal conditions your Platinum Performance® products will ship within 3-5 business days directly from the Canadian warehouse nearest you! To ensure a quick turnaround, we have two distribution locations in Calgary and Toronto.

Canada shipping map

Your order may take longer than usual to arrive from Platinum Performance®. Like many other manufacturers we are facing delays in the supply and delivery chains related to the current pandemic. Please call 800-553-2400 if you have questions about your order.

Take Advantage of Auto-Ship

Our Auto-Ship delivery program allows you to receive orders on a reoccurring shipment schedule that works for your equine nutrition program. You’ll save time and have the peace of mind knowing that your horse will never run out of the supplements he needs. Plus, we pick up 50% of the cost on ground shipping for every order.

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The Platinum Promise

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Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your order, please call to talk to a Platinum Advisor at (800) 553-2400 Monday-Friday 6am-5pm PST, and Saturday from 6am-1pm PST.