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Unmatched Personal Service From a Team that Cares

Our mission a Platinum Performance® is to improve lives through superior nutrition and unmatched personal service. We are here to make sure you are taken care of to the highest standard. That is our promise to you.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality means efficacy. Our quality team holds our ingredients, products and manufacturing processes to the highest standards. They don't compromise on the safety, purity and effectiveness of our formulas, ever.

Research & Development Team

Research is at our core. Our Research & Development team members are relentless pursuers of quality ingredients, developing products based on clinical need and sound science.

Clinical Nutritionist

Platinum Performance® has a clinical nutritionist Emily Smith, MS on staff to provide expert advice regarding your horse's diet and supplementation.

Platinum Advisor Team

We’re Here to Help

We serve with heart, unwavering dedication to our clients and a dedication to science. Our Platinum Advisors are highly educated in animal nutrition and will provide scientifically sound nutrition and supplementation recommendations.



BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2007


BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2013


BS Kinesiology
Platinum Advisor since 2012


BS Dairy Science
Platinum Advisor since 2014

Heather E.

BS Agricultural Business
Platinum Advisor since 2001


BS Biology
Platinum Advisor since 2017


BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2019


BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2010

Lauren E.

BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2014


BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2015


BS Animal Science
Platinum Advisor since 2013

Remembering Our Founder

Platinum Performance® was created out of clinical necessity by Dr. Doug Herthel at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in 1996. A true pioneer in the veterinary profession, Dr. Herthel created a three-prong approach to healing which included stem cell therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and nutrition. Looking to improve both the quality and speed of healing, he developed Platinum Performance® Equine to support his patients after surgery.

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Doug Herthel, DVM (1946 – 2018)

Founder of Platinum Performance, Inc.
Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Inc.