Good Nutrition is Good Medicine

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Founded in Veterinary Practice in 1996

Advanced nutrition starts at the cellular level by influencing the biological health of the entire horse. Using nutrition in both a preventive capacity as well as part of a treatment plan has been shown to promote health, performance and longevity in patients. Veterinarians are integrating advanced nutrition to not only maintain horse health but to support athletes and complement clinical treatments in sick or injured horses.

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Our protocols, which result from decades of clinical experience, are available to help you determine which products are right for your specific cases. If you have questions regarding a case, please contact a Platinum Advisor at (800) 553-2400.

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What “Quality” Means

The Platinum Standard

We start by carefully selecting superior ingredient sources and test for potency, purity and the absence of over 200 banned substances. Our formulas are made and packaged in our own GMP facility by a seasoned team of experts, allowing us to control the process from start to finish.

Platinum Quality

Backed by Years of Research

An Integral Part of Our Company Culture

The effects of our formulas are studied in colleges of veterinary medicine and veterinary practices around the world. At Platinum Performance®, we remain committed to researching cutting-edge ingredients and innovative theories and understanding their impact on the health challenges faced by veterinarians and horse owners alike.

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Reviews From Other Veterinarians

Friendly, knowledgeable service whenever I call an order in!! Thank you!
— Zoe Ross, Dawson Creek Vet Clinic, Dawson Creek, BC

I believe the Platinum products are top quality with excellent research to back them up.
— Dr. Elizabeth Hearn, Hearn Veterinary Services, Mono, ON

Excellent products backed by science and proven results. Outstanding customer service.
— Laura White, Pemberton Veterinary Hospital, Pemberton, BC

Excellent quality with good research to back it up.
— Dr. Shiland, Shiland Equine Veterinary Services, Acton, ON

A great company and great people to work with and call if I have questions or concerns with any product. Palatability, horses love it. The horses eating it always look phenomenal and have a great hair coat. I feel Platinum gives my patients using it all the building blocks they require to reach their full performance potential.
— Dr. Ty Corbiell, Cor Vet Services, Cluny, AB

Always only a quick phone call away. Very helpful staff. And the product is extremely palatable, and it works!
— Barb Munholland, Stettler Veterinary Clinic, Stettler, AB

Created out of Clinical Necessity

Every Case. Every Time.

In the over 25 years since Platinum Performance was founded, our belief that nutritional care is an essential part of practicing good medicine has only become stronger. We remain dedicated to providing nutritional solutions that improve the health of the horse and clinical outcomes in veterinary medicine.

About Our Founder
Doug Herthel, DVM (1946 – 2018)

Founder of Platinum Performance, Inc., Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Inc.