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Delivering Superior Results Since 1996

Founded in veterinary medicine in 1996, with a mission is to develop formulas that deliver superior results, Platinum supports total body health whether it is an Olympian or a trusty trail horse.

Client Reviews:

Fast and easy service, no headaches no wasting time with several phone calls to get orders processed and sent out!
— R. H., Dal Keith, ON

Such an amazing product! Now that there is a warehouse in BC, the logistics time was unbelievable. Great experience!
— R. I., Williams Lake, BC

Easy to feed, they love it even when not fed with other grain and they do so very well on it.
— S. T., Princton, BC

Easy to use, high quality, great customer service.
— C. M., Loretto, ON

There was an issue with my credit card and the rep who called me was very helpful and very professional. She explained what probably had gone wrong (I'm in Canada and was ordering off the US website) and she made sure my shipment was not delayed any further.
— C. M., Loretto, ON

Simplicity of use and so far, excellent results.
— L. C., Casselman, ON

Since changing vitamins have noticed a difference to my mare's coat! She also loves the taste of it and is usually a picky eater with vitamins!
— T. K., Surrey, BC

They have no fillers, and they work. Easy to feed and my horse likes to eat them, they are very effective. Vets have developed them, and they have quality ingredients.
— P. B., Fruitvale, BC

The customer service is very good. Fast delivery.
— K. K., Beaverlodge, AB

The horses appear healthier, coats are shiny, and hooves are strong.
— H. K., Stony Mountain MB

Great service and knowledgeable staff.
— N. B., Calgary, AB

When I bought my cow horse she was in tough shape. 4 months on platinum she started gaining weight and her hair coat started to shine. Now she looks amazing.
— S. M., Foothills, AB

Success with Platinum Performance® Formulas

Steve S. and Hologram

“The Platinum Performance supplements I’m feeding my horse Hologram are the most effective supplements I’ve ever used. After a big bout of hives, Gram’s coat was dull and patchy. My vet initially recommended Platinum, we started him on Platinum Performance Equine, and, six weeks later, his chestnut coat shines like a newly minted penny. Because he’s an older jumper with lots of miles, I’ve just started him on Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA. Thank you Platinum Performance!”

Platinum Performance Client since 2020
Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine & Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA

Before and after

Michelle S. and Echo

“I got Echo about a year ago and she ‘needed groceries’. She had a severe gas colic ... and I thought it was goodbye. After the gas colic resolved, my vet immediately suggested we add Platinum Performance for her overall health. Moving her to a place with good pasture, and the addition of Platinum has brought out the horse she was meant to be.”

Platinum Performance Client since 2012
Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

Before and after

Tracie G. and Smokey

“Smokey was extremely underweight and getting hoof abscesses every 8 months in all four feet no matter what I tried. My vet recommended Platinum Performance and Platinum Hoof Support. After 90 days, he looks amazing! He gained over 200 pounds and his coat is glossy and darker! His hooves are growing, pliable and have moisture.”

Platinum Performance Client since 2012
Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine & Platinum Hoof Support

Before and after

Stacie W. and StickUp

“I purchased my gelding, Frosted Charm aka "StickUp" in October of 2016. He was stringy looking, had a dull haircoat, and his skin was covered in fungus. I brought him home and put him on Platinum Performance and in just one month the change was remarkable. He gained significant weight and muscle tone, his haircoat had shine and much better color, and his skin was healthy! Platinum Performance has made such a dramatic difference in our feeding program and the health of our horses!”

Platinum Performance Client since 2016
Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

Before and after

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