Hawley Bennett-Awad


Hawley Bennett-Awad

Growing up in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Hawley Bennet-Awad found her love for horses as a member of the Otter 4-H Horse Club where she learned to keep a recordbook and speak confidently in public – something she says helped her stay composed in the dressage ring. Although her first obsession was gymnastics, competing as a team in the Langley Pony Club is where she got hooked to eventing. At 15 years old, she started working at MacDonald’s and galloping racehorses to pay for things like riding lessons. She says, “I guess not having everything just given to me made me want it more and work harder.” Hawley is known for the extreme compassion and care that she gives to her horses. “I only had one horse for a long time. If he got hurt, that was it,” she explains. “I learned to really take care of him. Grooming him myself everyday was important. I wanted to know what his body felt like.” Hawley’s current super-star mare, Jollybo is a 2004 Irish Sport Horse sired by the great Jumbo. “Riding Jolly is a dream,” Hawley says. “She is one of the most honest and brave horses I have ever ridden on cross country. Although she is tiny, she has a massive stride and can cover the ground. I know that she may not be the fanciest on the flat, but she is one of the most consistent, workman-like horses ever. It’s nice when the judges reward that!”

The Horse

“The first thing I look at is the eye, honestly. To me, the mind is one of the most important things. You can have a talented horse, but if they don’t have the mind to do it, it’s hit or miss. I’d rather have less talent with a big heart and good mind. It’s so hard to get a horse four-star fit and keep them contained in the dressage ring, still be able to go cross country, and be rideable and come back into show jumping. The mind is really really important; I like to see them brave but smart and calm at the same time.”

Why I Choose Platinum

“When it comes to equine nutrition, Platinum Performance products help my horses look and feel their very best. With a line of products, each carefully manufactured and created by a skilled team of veterinarians, Platinum offers the perfect product for each horse in my program, from my top competition horses, to my retired four-star partner.”

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Hawley's Formulas for Success

Platinum Performance® Equine
Supplement for All Classes of Horses

Un supplément pour toutes les classes de chevaux

Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness and Performance Formula is a comprehensive nutritional foundation formula for all horses.
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Price starting at US $ 80.00
Platinum Balance™
A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Equine Digestive Health

Supplément probiotique quotidien pour maintenir la santé digestive

This daily probiotic formula provides both prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion and hindgut health. The prebiotics nourish the "good" bacteria in the gut, and support the digestion of fiber.
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Price starting at US $ 66.00
Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses

Préparation pour un soutien amélioré des sabots

Platinum Hoof Support was designed to support healthy hooves in horses with hoof care needs. Platinum Hoof Support provides concentrated levels of highly bio-available Biotin, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Methionine, and L-Lysine.
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Price starting at US $ 106.00
A Healthy Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Une source saine d’acides gras oméga-3

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Healthy Weight is supportive in many ways including skin, coat, gastric, and muscle health. For horses that need to gain weight, Healthy Weight provides calories in addition to forage. It is made from flax oil, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it a healthy alternative to corn oil. Administration of the 18.93-liter Healthy Weight oil is easier with the Healthy Weight Pump, sold separately.
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A Natural Antioxidant

Un antioxydant naturel

Vitamin E works as a natural antioxidant to help maintain normal immune function and support the equine body’s ability to confront free radical activity. It is often used in performance horses that experience temporary muscle soreness or to support neurological health.
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Price starting at US $ 135.00

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