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Supplementing the Eventing Horse

In competition today, the margin for victory is razor thin. With Platinum Performance, proper supplementation provides the fuel and specific attention that your horse needs to look and perform its best time and time again. Eventers like you often use our supplements to support equine gastric health due to the stress of competition, and performance recovery because of the rigorous nature of your discipline. Eventing horses do it all, and require nutritional support to perform at their highest level.

Fueling Champions with
the Power of Nutrition

With the right nutrition horses can recover quicker, get stronger and stay hydrated. We call it building a more durable athlete. A more durable athlete can better tolerate the stresses of training and competition.

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Laine Ashker, USEA AEC Gold Cup Champion

Platinum Performance® Client since 2011

Unmatched Quality.
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Countless Results.

We have a track record of success. That's why Olympians, Medalists and serious competitors trust Platinum with their nutrition program.

Gina Miles, Olympic Silver Medalist

Platinum Client since 2003

Meet the Team

Caroline Martin

2018 USEA Lady Rider of the Year, Winner, 2018 Morven Park International CIC3*, Top Under 25 Rider in North America, 4-time USEA Young Rider of the Year
Platinum Performance client since 2016

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Gina Miles

Olympic Silver Medalist
Platinum Performance client since 2003

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Hawley Bennett-Awad

Olympic Silver Medalist, Team Canada, & International CCI4* Rider
Platinum Performance client since 2014

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Laine Ashker

USEA AEC Gold Cup Champion
Platinum Performance client since 2011

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Jennifer McFall

FEI CCI4* Eventer
Platinum Performance client since 2010

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Jennifer Wooten

4 star veteran, owner & competition coach at Trinity Eventing
Platinum Performance client since 2006

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