Mounted Shooting Horses

Support for Performance & Recovery

Annie Bianco-Elliott

CMSA World Champion, Platinum client since 2004

Supplementing the Mounted Shooting Horse

Mounted shooting horses have to be athletic, and proper diet and supplementation can help provide the fuel and specific attention that your horse needs to recover and perform its best. That means supporting joint and tendon health, while still providing a formula that maintains all the other aspects of your horse's body including weight, digestion, and coat. See the Platinum Performance formulas below that mounted shooting riders prefer for their horses.

Fueling Champions with the Power of Nutrition

Kenda L, World Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter Platinum client since 2011

Kendra uses: Platinum Performance CJ®, and Platinum Gastric Support®

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We have a track record of success. That's why World Champions trust Platinum in their nutrition program.

Annie, CMSA Mounted Shooting Champion

Platinum client since 2004